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Sustainable Creation

The Ghazala Collective is committed to our mission of sustainability, cultural collaboration, local economic activation, and women empowerment. 

See how your donation and purchase directly help the regional communities below.

We exclusively use locally made, sustainably sourced materials for every step of our creation process.

Our weavings typically employ four to fifteen local women and families depending on the size of the piece.

Ghazala is unique, because we are actively supporting, educating, promoting, and preserving every step of the cultural and spiritual weaving process within our communities, and beyond.

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Locally Sourced, Sustainably Created
5 Step Process

Our process involves local women and families within our Bedouin communities as well as weavers from Israel, who are all play an active role in the creation of a finished textile.

This enables more communities to have/create autonomy and re-instill value in their traditional craft.

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It typically takes our team a few weeks to a month to complete one of our custom pieces, and employs 4 to 15 people across the Israel/Palestine region. 

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