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Co-Creating an Environment of Cross- Cultural Collaboration

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Ghazala's Commitment to Collaboration

The Ghazala Collective has been building consistent relationships within Israel Palestine for over ten years. Overcoming significant socio-economic and cultural barriers / divides, Ghazala has persevered to be the supportive and nurturing collective it is known as today. 

Our trilingual, multicultural team has worked with communities in Israel/Palestine, the Middle East, and abroad - navigating between the linguistic complexities of English, Hebrew, and the many dialects of Arabic. 

We began as students. Dedicated to educational work in the revival of this endangered craft for several years, before realizing that this dying art form has economic potential that can create a sustainable business to support our community of weavers, spinners, dyers and farmers. 

Our high product standards ensures our work is of superior quality. We maintain our good standing relationships with clients including Paul Bernhard Exhibits (International Museum design firm) UNESCO, and the UN, as a company dedicated to cultural preservation. ​


We cater to secular, traditional, inter-faith, religious, and progressive communities. And hope we can work with you today. 

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